Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I completely screwed up the html code for this site the other day. Be glad if you missed it. It wasn't pretty. I don't even really know what html code is, which might give you a hint.

Anyway, it's mostly back now.


I've set up another blog.

Born Dancin' clearly hasn't been focused on the arts for a while now. Unless "ants" was "html code" for "ARTS". Which it wasn't.

So this place will remain a spot for "Born Dancin'" to post, while over at the other blog you'll be able to read arts-related guff by "John Bailey", who was never truly welcome here and sometimes had to be shooed out the door with a broom. You can of course also continue to read writing by John Bailey (no quotation marks) elsewhere too.

Thank you.
I will see you at the other blog? We can get icypoles and go boating.