Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm stunned that it took so long for me to happen upon this most arcadian of musical sub-genres - the American Football Theme Song. By 'happen upon' I mean my sister sent me a clip, which eventually led to the merriest of merry few moments as I discovered how widereaching and unashamedly perfect this style of music clip is. Consider this my gift to you on this fine Friday afternoon.

The LA Rams in "Ram It!" Every second of this one is a second well spent.

Miami Dolphins out-awesome Hammer with "Can't Touch Us".

The Chicago Bears get old school with "The Superbowl Shuffle". I haven't done the research but this sexy number may have been the one to start them all.

The Oakland Raiders' quite awful "Silver and Black Attack".

And the sublime comedy-chase-scene car crash that is the Seahawks' "Locker Room Rock".

Really, if any sports team or individual in Australia released a song in this fashion I would become a devoted lifelong fan in an instant. This is a promise