Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kid Cool

I found this picture while randomly searching for something else in the chaos that is my working life right now, and frankly it brought on a sense of immense calm and inner peace. I want what this kid's got (the coolness, not the sunglasses or thermal jumper). I'd love this kid to answer the door at an exclusive bar. I'd like him to be the celebrant at a shotgun wedding. I'd like him to turn out to be the elusive Mr Big I've spent the better part of my police career hunting down, narrowly missing him in midnight stakeouts and spinning high-backed armchairs around to reveal nothing but a taperecorder and a ticking timebomb.

Whoever took this photo is the John Woo of children's photography.

If you're in a time of crisis or doubt, just check in on Kid Cool.

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