Monday, April 24, 2006

Dream Three


For today's dream, I tried to get a crazy wild-eyed gypsy to interpret my somnambulent wanderings, but there were none available. I went for the second-tier gypsy, namely Natalie Wood as Louise 'Gypsy Rose Lee' Hovick in Gypsy (1962) but again came up with nothing. So, today's guest dream analyst will be a Natalie Wood Impersonator sitting on a staircase.

I have no idea what this dream could mean.

Ah well. Maybe all will be revealed if you pay a visit to Captain Frodo's show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It is limb-snappingly awesome and perhaps the most limb-snappingly awesomest shows I've seen in a long while. Top marks. Highly recommended. Must see. It's called The Adventures of Captain Frodo: Tales of a Modern Day Showman.

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