Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Whole New World


It's you.

I see.


Well, you're probably a little confused and/or irate. And I'm not making any excuses, no. So I've been absent of late, not putting in my share, and I know, I know, two-way street and all that, but you have to understand that I'm sincerely trying to make this work.

I am.

It's just that I've been so busy. I've had a whole bunch of new jobs this year, including writing media stuff for a major theatre company, and running a course at a university, and all that on top of everything I already had running and now...well, now I've just been given another job, one which will pretty much replace some of the others, and it's a full time gig, but you have to understand that I'm doing all this for us, so that we can be financially stable and not have to worry about money or anything. You understand, don't you?

Anyway, I've just been given my first task in the new job, and I'm going to ask for your help here.

I have to audition for Australian Idol on Saturday.


I know.


And then I have to whip up a story to run in a major Australian newspaper the next day. On, I guess, the experience and all that. So...

I need you to give me some ideas as to a choice of song. I'm hardly the world's best singer, but I can hold a tune. So hit me with your best shot and I'll ruminate.

Help me, internet. Help us all.

(the ironically named)


ms fits said...

Total Eclipse of the Heart.

You know you want to.

richardwatts said...

Memories, from Cats? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Final Countdown - Europe

Anonymous said...

If not tha skilled you should appeal to the judges with an ironic song

To be young, gifted and black. Nina Simone

Born Dancin' said...

Total Eclipse - needs two singers to do it justice (and my Tibetan double voice singing just isn't up to scratch)

Memories - I would be too tempted to prowl around like a cat and nuzzle up against the judges. My express intention is to *not* appear on any 'worst of' DVDs, etc.

Final Countdown - excellent choice, but hard to work a cappella.

To Be Young, Gifted and Black - If I knew it, I'd probably do it. I was thinking I Am 16, Going On 17 from the sound of music, but only doing the female part. That would be confusing.

Especially if I can krump while singing it.

Continue submissions, internet.

asher said...

the most important question bd is - can you sing?

if your pipes aren't high class then pick a song originally sung by one of similar ability - Barnsey for example.

but if it is that you can hold a tune then list your favourite tunes from when you were ages 6 - 14 then pick the one closest to your vocal range.

now more importantly... the outfit?

dell said...

i wasn't going to suggest anything, but the verification was 'waylon'

i know that's not helpful.

how bout 'sweet child o mine'...


Born Dancin' said...

I can do Axl Rose but it really needs some accompiment (and I think air geeeetaaaaar looks crap in auditions).

As for the 'can I sing' query, well, that's what everyone asks and it's a pretty hard philosophical question. I won't murder the tune, but so yeah, I can sing...but can I sing WELL? Different story. Don't most people think they can sing at least one or two songs really well? Even if they can't? We'll just have to find out. LET THE JUDGING COMMENCE.

And I'll offer some potential costumes - I mean outfits - tomorrow, along with a running update on the state of the song (there have been plenty more suggested from various sources).

Anonymous said...

Our man in Tokyo here with some suggestions from the Karaoke capital of the world.

I polled a bunch of people today about what THEY would sing, and here are the results:

1. Tenacious D's Kielbasa
2. The Devil Went Down to Georgia.
3. We want some pussy (2 Live Crew)
4. Michael Jackson's Bad, sung acapella wearing nothing but an apron.
5. Kung-fu fighting
6. Anything by Disney, but you have to wear the suit and dance.
8. The theme from Monkey Magic
9. Eurotrash Girl by Cracker
10. Eye of the Tiger (again)
11. Danger Zone (Kenny Logins).

Gambate ne!