Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hey blog, long time. Where you been? Me? Well, for me everything has been PRETTY BOM DIGGETY.

I say that phrase like I know what it means, but I really don’t. Let me explain.

Today I went to see a show at lunchtime because, you know, I could. It was Kit Lazaroo’s Asylum at La Mama and I really enjoyed it. I won’t review it here, and it wasn’t without some flaws, but it had some touches that were nice and inspired and new to me and also PRETTY BOM DIGGETY (it must be said).

The play is on the VCE drama syllabus this year, which meant that I was the only audience member who was not a teenager or a teacher (though coincidentally I have been both in my time). I was a bit wary when I turned up to find myself surrounded by high school kids in their strange young people’s fashion and spouting odd neologisms. Even more puzzling was the fact that half of them seemed to be sporting wristbands – the fuzzy tennis-player sort – emblazoned with the logo for a particular energy drink. I then noticed that some had rub-on tattoos for the same energy drink. On their faces. And many were knocking back cans of the stuff. Their talk was excited and super-charged with adolescent glee and I soon realised that they had just had the fortune to be targeted by a roving van handing out the stuff. As one put it: “I take anything that’s free!”

This is a really sobering moment for any playgoer: the discovery that you’re about to head into one of Melbourne’s smallest theatres with several dozen teens jacked up to the gills on sugary, caffeine-loaded and guarana-laced soft drink.

Then again, teens are also the most performative of playgoers – their responses are often social ones, giggling or scoffing or murmuring “huh?” to each other. They haven’t necessarily learnt to shut up and stop fidgeting, or they refuse to do so. Not all, of course, but the bunch at Asylum were pretty interactive. They were there with their friends, after all, and that was an essential part of their experience.

Then again, I sat through Juno a while back in a cinema almost full of teenagers, and these kids were texting, calling to each other, going off for a wander throughout. It was – well, I’m not sure what it was. Maybe it was PRETTY BOM DIGGETY.

Which is of course the phrase I happened upon today. Leaving La Mama, it was the first comment I heard from one of the kids upon exit. “That was pretty bom diggety, hey?”

And there’s your review right there. Like I said, though, I don’t really get what it means.

Also: does anyone know why text on this page shrinks to the oft-reported unreadable size sometimes? I think it only happens on Macs (or maybe Firefox or something).

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