Monday, April 07, 2008

Comedy Festival Round Up 2


Here are some comedians who are very nice. Some people don't like "nice" and so they should perhaps avoid these people. I like them though yes mostly.

JOSIE LONG - Trying is Good

I do like Josie Long. She seems to see the bigger picture of comedy and develops her material as a response. The bigger picture is that most comedians are angry/bitter/dejected men-children spreading poisonous bile one put-down at a time. I'm not dismissing this style of comedy. Maybe the world can be split into categories of:

a) crazy people not like us
b) stupid people not like us
c) other people not like us

But people like us run the world and sometimes the world is pretty bunko, so maybe the people not like us are worth a look-see and when a comic like Long gives them a go, you hopefully realise that most of us are not like us.

Whimsical optimistic comedy has surprisingly become prevalent at this year's festival, but Long doesn't make it feel too twee or forced.


Like hanging out at your best friend's house for an hour while she makes cakes. She's also your "funny" friend, but you don't know if its because she's your friend or because she's actually funny. Is she actually funny? Or is it because she's your friend? Hang on, she's not your friend. You don't even know her. But you forget that a bit. Does actually make cakes on stage (well, her friend Claudia does) while telling nice jokes that don't really stick with you.


I found this boy a bit twee - then again, my favourite comedy is the twee-est of the twee, the whimsiest of whimsy, the nicest if it wasn't an ugly anagram. TBWTOHF is great stuff, physical humour that blends mime and stand-up and puppetry and a helluva lot of audience interaction with only a few words supplied by voiceovers and the occasional audience comment. That he makes laughs nonetheless should be recommendation enuff. INSERT MIMED GAG OH WAIT ITS THE INTERNET

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