Friday, June 13, 2008

Redressing the Imbalance

Given the bad karma I'm probably accumulating with negative reviews, here's some more ways to pass the afternoon in a more spiritually fulfilling and uplifing way.

You could ponder the wonder of guide horses.

You can ruminate on the questions raised by Man Baby.

You can educate yourself as to the social evils of software piracy while soaking up some awesome old school hip-hop.

You can check out some more deserted farms in Iceland.

You can look for a reason behind things that probably, let's face it, you and I will never really understand.

Or you can listen to the full new album by the lovely Sigur Ros while looking out at the park and just accepting that some people will walk their dogs in the rain, and that this is kind of a nice thing. Well, I can do that. I hope you can do something similar, if the urge should take you.

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