Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Handy Tip

Hey everyone, I just thought I'd drop one of those handy life tips on ya that you know I'm always good for. One of those little things you pick up along the way, you know? Like using a capful of vinegar to get out stubborn stains or not wearing shoes to bed.

So anyway: if you're walking along the street and someone just stops you on the street and says to you "hey, what did you think of that new Red Stitch play Red Sky Morning by Tom Holloway?" and you're thinking "what the f*** is this person talking to me about at this moment?" and they're staring at you expectantly waiting for an answer and things are maybe getting a bit awkward (maybe not?) but you want to say something because this person may have some kind of control over a funding body in your area of work, then here's what you can do:

You say "well I read that Born Dancin' used the term PLAY OF THE YEAR."

Also, if you are somehow involved in this play you can use the words "PLAY OF THE YEAR" attributed to my regular earthling name as these words might appear in print at some point in the future somewhere surrounded on either side by other words.

Just a handy tip!

Next week: Glove Box Essentials!


Em Sexton said...

this is REALLY cryptic, BD. tell us what you REALLY think?

Tilda said...

Fantastic dog photo.