Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Obama Day

HEY EVERYONE. It's a good day. First off I want to thank all of you for deciding to visit this here website on such an HISTORIC DAY when you perhaps might have better things to do maybe and indeed THANK YOU to returning visitors who have spent other days (momentous or otherwise) visiting this here website when you could have been doing other things such as learning a new language, tending to a vegetable garden, pondering your own life or the lives of others or watching the film The Lives of Others. Also:

THANK GOODNESS for writing. That was a good invention. As was music. Here is a clip of Pete Seeger and some other people singing a nice song which while not literally addressed to me (it's not my land after all) is still moderately cheering.

I thought the best part was at 2.01 when a hairy and overjoyed George Lucas suddenly appeared, but then it got better when a very beatific-looking Obama himself did a bit of the head-nod-dance at 3.29. And goshdarnit, I'd swear that the guy at 4.17 is the Montgomery Flea Market guy.


Seeger's hat is also charming.

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