Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I just flew in from Adelaide and boy are my arms tired (FROM FENDING OFF DRUNK KILLERS SERIOUSLY) so I'll keep it short. Adelaide Fringe wrap-up coming soon.


Go see Sandy Parker's new work if you have the slig
htest interest in contemporary dance in Melbourne. I've never been a fan of her stuff but this is brilliant. I remember the very first dance show that suddenly clicked with me, about 10-12 years ago, and since then there've been only a handful that have conjured up that same feeling. Each time I remember why I maintain this weirdo love of great choreography. Balletlab's Brindabella did it, Stephanie Lake's Love is the Cause was another, and Out of Light just made the roster. It's on until Saturday at Gasworks.


I have no idea why the Milkwaukee Ballet decided to produce a piece based on William Shatner's nutso album Has Been, but this clip of a piece inspired by his cover of Pulp's "Common People" intrigues me.


And finally, I have been remiss in my God-appointed mission to educate the masses in popular dance styles. You're all worded up on tecktonik and jump-style but if you want to regress a bit you should
really bone up on your cabbage patch dance. This meek gent provides a good start. I can't embed the video but come on, you people know how to click.

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Martin White said...

Oh! A ballet set to the covers Shatner does of other people's music. Something seems altogether right about it. Kinda like that ballet/metal clip I linked to.
Are you gonna rock da Dance Massive?