Monday, June 01, 2009

Scientific Concepts Explained Through Dance


The following clip (which I discovered through my old housemate and noted diarist Jess) demonstrates the scientific concept of "emergence". Watch it closely, without skipping through it.

Emergence has been in vogue amongst egg-headed types for some time, and is essentially an academic word for "magic". The final note in this video is wrong: it does not take one person to start a party. It takes one person followed by a few others who seem to be taking the piss who are joined by others with perhaps drunken or drug-fuelled enthusiasm. If enough critical mass is achieved, a tipping point may be reached in which piss-taking becomes something entirely other and irony makes a leap into genuine, magical energy.

I found this clip quite annoying at first but by about halfway through was giving it two flailing arms up.



Anonymous said...

Sounds suspiciously like how most standing ovations happen!

(Including the part where you find yourself compelled to stand as well so you don't look like the only person in the theatre who doesn't appreciate the "pinnacle of human achievement" you just saw on stage.)

richardwatts said...

I thought half the people standing at a standing ovation were just doing it so they could see the stage and the performers over the clapping sycophants - or maybe that's just me?