Thursday, July 28, 2005

Malt Champagne

Last night was the launch of Malthouse Theatre's Spring Season, held at the Gin Palace. This makes for a welcome change from launching seasons in the foyer of the Malthouse itself, with its bright lights and all. This time round, we were treated to lots of champagne cocktails and an ok amount of speechifying.

No food. But the cocktails were good.

Can't recall who the first guy to get up was, but he seemed to be on the board or some kind of executive/business type. He held a large beer the entire time he was orating, which I thought was impressive. He also sort of mystified me by arguing that theatre in Melbourne was the Forgotten Art (as compared to, what, opera? Ballet?). Seeing as how more people have been to the theatre this year than have gone to cabaret, jazz gigs, stand up, classical concerts or either of the above mentioned forms, I don't know what's been forgotten. Maybe he meant the Forgettable Art, which a lot of it is. He did say that he wanted that to change, bringing theatre back into the boardrooms - huh? Woah there big boy! What does that mean? The whole boardroom comment got a lot of mileage from my +1, the lovely A, who was equally stumped by the possible connotations.

Michael Kantor got up then and ran us through the 9 shows of the next season, which I was pleased to see include Ben Ellis' adaptation of Kafka's Metamorphosis set in suburban Australia. Ben's a good dude so it's great to see Malthouse supporting him again. The other things I like are the three indie shows which are being mounted in the Tower Theatre, including a Umi Umiamare piece directed by Moira Finucane, and the show Telefunken which Oubykh Theatre put on in the Foundry in North Fitz. last year. Very underground, so big up to Stephen Armstrong for picking up on it.

Went home and made a massive pumpkin and lentil lasagne.
I am a genius.


BwcaBrownie said...

Hi - I enjoyed reading your posts - I wonder how Bosch might have painted the Queenstown scene?
If you put Bosch into Google images you will find a site which has photos of bosch figurines which are brilliant. Somebody (German) has made all the Really Weird little characters which inhabit the sidelines of the paintings. cheers,

Born Dancin' said...

That's a GREAT idea! A Bosch figurine reenactment. This may take some time.