Monday, February 12, 2007

Sleep or Skate?

As I will be away from my computer most of this week, I thought I'd post the following videos before I forget. They're pretty much the best things in existence right now (subject to council approval) so I didn't want them to go the way of all things internet, ie into the gaping maw of forgetfulness, which looks remarkably like the gaping maw of a hungry hungry hippo, but with less spite.

Baby Sloth or Skating Robot? Must we take sides?

YOU BE THE JUDGE (and wield your gavel judiciously).


Cultural Oxygen said...
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Cultural Oxygen said...


Obvious empathetic reasons.

dell said...

me too, sloth i say, and thank you for sharing the wonder

richardwatts said...

Oh the sloth, the sloth! I'm all like 'awwwwww' here.