Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Art and Vengeance

You go, Granny.


"I am not by nature a violent person (even if we're just talking about a stuffed animal), so I needed to re-watch one of Steven's favorite movies, Reservoir Dogs, for inspiration, and it's given Mrs. Blonde a few ideas. So, I'll be mailing Baw-wee to Steven, except Baw-wee won't be coming in just one package. I'll be sending the bear back to Steven ... in installments."


"Her method of getting over the shock consists of recounting her misery to everyone she meets - 99 times, with gradually diminishing emotion - and asking them to describe the worst moment of their lives in return. She taped every word of these gloomy, shared outpourings with friends and strangers, collecting 99 stories of powerful grief - the woman who is told she will give birth to a stillborn child, the boy who hears his father has died."

I wish I could see Sophie Calle's work at the Venice Biennale - it's called "Take Care of Yourself" and is a response to a breakup email (!) sent by an ex, signed off with the phrase that makes up the title.

Her response to the brutal dumping was to turn his breakup message into art: she had a psychotherapist analyse him through it, an editor pick apart its grammar, a judge pass a ruling on it, a sharpshooter take shots at it, Vanessa Redgrave performed it, journo, clown, etiquette consultant and so on all had a go at it. 107 women in all, I think. Peaches made an electroclash version of it. It was translated into braille, Latin, barcode.
I'm not a fan of revenge, but I know what I like.

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