Friday, August 24, 2007

Why I Love the Internet

I never truly realised that a part of me has long been on a quest to find THE most annoying thing pop culture has ever flung at us like an angry zoo chimp slinging faeces at an innocent onlooker.

I think I may have found it.

Ladies and gentlemen, introduce your aural cavities to the smooth flow of...

Rap Cat.

The video I posted above doesn't really include any visuals, since I wanted you to taste the "pure" experience of Rap Cat's distinctive meow-based rapping. Below you can watch an actual video of the song featuring the $2 shop hand puppet that is Rap Cat along with a bunch of people who are essentially giving up on any possible future which might involve anything resembling a paid job in the entertainment industry.

As wikipedia puts it, "Rap Cat's rapping abilities seem to be limited to meowing rhythmically".

What interests me most is the dazzling genius of the idea. What most myspace pages are to your eyes, this is to your ears. It's the combination of things that are always mistakes on their own.

Firstly, any human meowing is always ridiculous.

Secondly, any non-human rapping is also ridiculous.

Thirdly, any person appearing in the same frame as a hand puppet is definitely ridiculous.

And finally, they seem to have gone out of their way to find a hand puppet that doesn't actually resemble any kind of cat I've ever seen.

Rap Cat.

I think I love you.


Anonymous said...

Maybe MC Scat Cat's son has come of age?
MC Scat Cat-

Jess said...

Does the old lady pour milk in Rap Cat's bowl, and then on the ground in the manner of "one for me, one for my homies"? THIS IS TOOOOO GOOD! I am still weeping with laughter.




richardwatts said...

Sweet baby lord jezus! That's fricken hilARious!