Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Gift from The Internet to Me

I know that it probably seems like this site is devoted to little more than a) videos of weird Dutch/Belgian kids dancing in an annoying fashion b) embarrassing visions of Jean-Claude Van Damme c) half-assed reviews of theatre and dance and film where I get bored even as I'm writing them (this blog's original purpose).

And let's face it, 98% of sites are devoted to digging up the mouldy cheese slices that waft around stinking up this joint called the internet, and chuckling half-heartedly at the resultant LULZ.

But sometimes I come across really good things, things that make the world a bit better just for being there. Today I stumbled upon one and I can't explain why I keep returning to it.

The first 11 seconds are some of the most gripping drama in TV history. Because it's from Japan, I watched it with no idea what the hell was going on - it features a giant green kids character having some kind of seizure and his shaggy brown friend going apeshit and demanding medics or something. All along there's this ultra-amazing soundtrack that just screams URGENCY, and Brown's eyes flipping around on springs only add to the frantic performance.

Then we have about 1/4 second of a little toy bucket and spade from the WTF section of the local Toyworld and we move to an extended live dance concert featuring Epileptic Green and Furry Poo.
This is all clearly pretty straightforward stuff compared to most Japanese TV, but something about it just touches my hardened black soul.

I honestly cannot figure out what. It's really just that first 11 seconds, though I'd recommend you watch all the way to the end when it suddenly becomes clear what that early section actually means! It all makes sense! It's not Citizen Kane - it's not even The Magnificent Ambersons - but it is two people dressed in vaguely humiliating outfits doing some passable breakdancing.

And maybe that's all I want out of life.

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Anonymous said...

That's brilliant! Will try to discover more about our furry friends and get back to you.

BTW, how is the cult going?