Thursday, July 31, 2008

Immer Wieder

Woah, momma. I'm being kicked in the head by this cold at the moment which hasn't been good for my MIFF viewing schedule. A pretty average show I saw tonight didn't help either, so I won't review it here. I will make mention of a couple of things very worth seeing before they finish up, though:

Holiday by Ranters Theatre at the Malthouse


Intimate Apparel by High Performance Company at Dantes.

Both really good, read reviews elsewhere.

Right now I need a bit of recovery time though so, for others equally afflicted by winter's cruel ravages, may I recommend:

Some gentle synth Krautrock - Harmonia has been getting me through.

Catch up on your educational reading.

Review your finances.

Redecorate the place.

Enjoy a few quiet nights in.

Catch some well-deserved shuteye.

And hope things get better in no time flat.

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