Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Give My Apologies to Susan Boyle

A "talent contest"?!

If this is what you get during a "talent contest" in Ukraine - ie an expertly executed, beautifully framed experience of live sand animation exploring cultural memory, collective trauma and ongoing grief - well, Ukraine's got talent to spare. I can't imagine this ever happening in Australia.

Here's a rough translation of the textual elements:

@0:00 -- Peace, Love
@1:30 -- Original announcement of the German Army invading the country
and bombing the cities
@4:10 -- Perished
@5:00 -- Most people don't know where their loved ones were buried,
hence the obelisk which signifies the remembrance of everyone who gave
their lives during the World War II.
@8:20 -- "You are always close. 1945"

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