Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Inherent Voice

My favourite author Thomas Pynchon's new book Inherent Vice is due out in Oz mid-September (Shhh, I have a couple of proof copies) but it's released in the US today.

Penguin has put together a promotional video.

This wouldn't be much news if it weren't for the fact that it's probably Pynchon's voice narrating the clip. And Pynchon doesn't do publicity. No confirmed photos of him for 40-50 years; no interviews; nothing really, apart from the two bizarre appearances he made on the Simpsons (with a paper bag over his head).

Watch the clip here.

The book is an easy read but it's also curiously autobiographical. The setting is a thinly fictionalised Manhattan Beach in LA in 1970 - where Pynchon lived while writing Gravity's Rainbow - and if you're a Pynchonomane you'll also notice that the house he lived in at that point is in the clip above.

Anyway, if nothing else the book has switched me on to some amazing surf rock of the 60s/70s. Check out "Mongoose" by Elephant's Memory and after a few listens the chorus will be firmly lodged in your skull.

In other news:

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