Monday, September 12, 2005

Pat and Joel emote. Pt.2

Pat and Joel have strong feelings on a variety of topics, feel they are worth sharing. Today, they edge towards forbidden subjects, share a wavelength and find God (or a close family relative).

JOEL: It was New Year's Eve, 1998. I climbed onto the roof and looked out across the night, hearing the faint sounds of backyard parties and resolutions soon to be broken and the dumb roar of a billion stars overhead. I could barely feel my legs below me, so I sat down on the clay tiled roof and thought about things. I thought about what had happened during the year, about the accident, but mostly about the people I'd lost afterwards, the calls that had become more seldom, shorter and more prone to silences at the both ends of the line. I'd never cried as much as I did that year. And I wondered if I'd ever talk about it. And sure, I was still angry, angry at the justice system that couldn't explain the whole deal, at the doctors who said they'd never seen anything like this, and the people who stared at me on the street. Like I was the freak. And that night, as the staggered wave of NYE countdowns began to rise up like doves around me, each a few beats off from one another, I made a solemn vow, a vow which I hold to this day, and which-

PAT: J-Bo! Check it!

JOEL: WOOOAAAAHHH!!! And a golly old HUUUH???

PAT: Who were you talking to?

JOEL: I - what a minute! What happened to you?

PAT: Cool it, gringo! What are you talking about?

JOEL: It's ok, I'm cool now.

PAT: Are you emoting about my new tan?

JOEL: I think I am, I think I am.

PAT: Gotcha. New do to go with it, dig?

JOEL: Gnarly.

PAT: So I heard you talking there, and though I wasn't eavesdropping, I couldn't help but wish you were saying that stuff to me. We go way back, right?

JOEL: Yeah, you hit the nail on the head right there. But frankly, I was talking about the accident and I can't talk about that with you.

PAT: Why ever not?

JOEL: It is forbidden.

POPPYCOCK: Did I hear someone calling me?

PAT: Hell no, Poppycock.

JOEL: PAT! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

PAT: Sorry Joel. I'll go wash it out with soap.



POPPYCOCK: Haaaaaaaaa...

JOEL: Pop, I think you have to leave now.

PAT: Thanks. Is he gone?

JOEL: I think so.

PAT: Right. Well, I just wanted to say that I was thinking this, right: when someone tells you that they find something annoying, that's not a cue to do that thing more in an attempt to be 'funny', you with me?

JOEL: I am so on your wavelength that it hurts me.

PAT: I'm hurting too, Joel. We all are.

JOEL: And what say you to this: the immense variety of things we overlook in our day-to-day life are the things which define us to others. Do you agree?

PAT: I don't know that I understand. All I know is that I miss you when you disappear the way you do.

JOEL: There are things you can never understand.

PAT: Word. You seem so full of sadness, sometimes.

POPPYCOCK: Now I know I heard someone calling me!

JOEL: You, Poppycock, you too will die one day.




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