Monday, September 05, 2005

Pat and Joel emote

Pat and Joel like stuff, and want you to know about it. Today, Pat and Joel discuss nodding, bumping into stuff and related things that they feel real, plasticky emotions about.

PAT: Joel!

JOEL: Jenny! I mean Pat. What's up?

PAT: Oh, I've just been thinking about stuff.

JOEL: Stuff? What kind of stuff have you been thinking about?

PAT: Oh, nothing you'd want to hear about...

JOEL: Are you kidding? Are you pulling my freaky plastic leg? Of course I want to hear about it!

PAT: I know! I was just joking. It's what I do.

JOEL: Sure as heck is!

PAT: OK - what I was thinking about is this: you know how some people nod their heads with such gusto that it becomes like a half-body nod, their entire upper body getting in on the action?

JOEL: I think I do.

PAT: You do. It's like a head nod turned up a few notches. These crazy characters who do this amped-up nod can be annoyingly overenthusiastic, or endearingly unselfconscious. It's up to you how you interpret it.

JOEL: WOAH! Don't leave it up to me! You know I can't handle being put in that position! Especially since the accident!!!

PAT: I thought you told me it wasn't an accident?

JOEL: Yeah..but the damn cops told me to drop my investigations. It's been "officially" ruled an accident.

PAT: Righto. And if it helps, we'll say that the half-body nod is a good thing.

JOEL: Ta. Hey, why don't we work on developing a full-body nod? Sort of a long body roll that starts at the head and travels all the way down to your feet.

PAT: Right on - now I know why you're known around these parts as "the brains of the operation". Also why people forgive your freakish appearance.

JOEL: You know what else I like? People who are always walking into things. That's cute. Unless they're walking into other people, which is creepy.

POPPYCOCK: Did I hear my name?

PAT: SHIVERS, POPPYCOCK! You gave me quite the scare.

JOEL: Not me. I'm cool as.

PAT: You sure are. That's why you're unofficially known around these parts as "Charles Bronson".

JOEL: Really? I never knew that.

PAT: What about people who unknowingly wear items of clothing inside-out?

JOEL: Love it. At least if it's a t-shirt or jumper or something. Pants is a bit wrong. And socks don't really rate either way.

POPPYCOCK: I can wear things inside out.

PAT: That's ok Poppy. Listen, this is kind of a private conversation.

POPPYCOCK: Can I just listen?

PAT: No.


PAT: Why is he always hanging around?

JOEL: Well, since the...accident, he's just been around to help out. You know, when I have my episodes. I don't know where he came from.

PAT: He creeps me out.

JOEL: Not me.

PAT: Yeah, that's probably why you're unofficially known around these parts as "the dude with the creepy clown always hanging around him".

POPPYCOCK: Did I hear my name again?

PAT: Listen, I'm off to the solarium.

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Alex said...

Poppycock I think gave me nightmares.