Sunday, August 21, 2005

This is serious.

My poor wee CD player is, in fact, completely lost to me. No amount of coaxing, cheerful talk, comforting petting or rallying cries of "up 'n at 'em!" can get a response. It's dead to me.

So this is what it feels like when doves cry.

And hard as it may be, I'm forced to confront the question no one should have to ask:

Is it time to let it go? And find a new portable music device in my life?

Thing is, from a cold, hard, rational point of view, the answer would be an obvious yes. An iPod or something is clearly what I need, being far superior technically and much more in keeping with the demands I place on my travelling music companion.

I burn a CD every day or two just to have something new in my ears. This isn't that cheap.

I have nearly 30 GB of music on my computer at work, which makes up over 95% of the thing's hard disk space. It practically spits out smokes and makes shuddering sounds every time I turn it on, that's how weighed down by tunes it is. I near to clear it up a bit.

The cost of fixing the CD player would probably be close to the cost of some kind of mp3 thingy.

Carrying around a bulky discman is pretty awkward sometimes.

My little CD buddy and I have travelled the world together - we've been in nine countries and three continents by my estimation. And despite the occasional tantrum, he's never let me down.

He was a gift from my ex who is still a close friend, and how often does that happen?

Can I really afford the outlay for a new device? (No).

iPods are kind of a "gateway" technology, and the purchase of one will lead to me buying other, harder devices which may not be in my best interests.

Well, that's it. I've laid out my case.

And so I ask you, the almighty internet, to give me your verdict. I know you aren't really a being capable of sound judgement, instead being more of a collection of electronic signals and wires and stuff. But I have faith, and that's all it needs.

Hear me now.


Clem said...

Here's the main reason 'for'.

Anonymous said...

The new Sony Walkman holds more music and the battery lasts longer than iPod.

If you want a cheaper option. Go to iPod Shuffle. It only holds about 200 songs but you don't actually need to bring every song in humanity in your pocket with you. You can create playlists and load them on when you want.

Do of of of us

Born Dancin' said...

Clem: can he really dance? That's what the link suggests. And where's iGirl? Not that I have a problem dancing with guys. But "rubberized" guys? Err.

Russell: Walkman as in cassette, right? Maybe that's where I was wrong. Maybe tapes could be my future. Going back to tha roots.

I'm obviously putting off bedtime now that I've got no music to send me off.

Clem said...

Not only that, but he can sit down when charging and he can hold things! What more do you want in a rubberised special friend?!

(don't answer that)