Wednesday, August 17, 2005

White Noise

Hot diggity dog!

What a turnout at tonight's launch of the White Noise exhibition at ACMI!

In a word: very big! In two words: also very big!

Ah, my enthusiasm is spent. But the launch was very good. And by "very", I mean "quite" (English for "rather").

To describe it, I will have to enlist the help of our old friends, Antony and Cleopatra.

Antony: Hi.
Cleopatra: Big up yo bad self.
A: Huh?
C: You heard.

Atmospheric Harmonies for Lone Voice: So, what are your impressions of the new show?
A: Well, from the outset I was skeptical. I mean: white noise? As a title, you're offering us nothing. A show about nothing. A show the curator describes as "a show about nothing". We're in Seinfeld territory here. And good as Seinfeld was, ACMI just doesn't have the pulling power of a Kramer or a George. Am I right or am I right? You're with me down front, see that guy is with me!
C: Cram a sock in your spit faucet, Ant.
A: Huh?
C: You heard.

AHFLV: Did you get a chance to look at the various pieces on offer?
C: Hell yeah. I came, I saw, I conquered their sorry asses. And let me tell you straight up - ain't no multimedia exhibition ever been one up on Cleopatra. You heard.
A: You're just stealing lines from Jules.
C: Come here and say that, "Antony".
A: Huh?
C: And what's with that 'huh' thing? You want some new material, child.
A: I'm not your child. I'm Antony.
C: No, you "Antony". I've seen your birth records,.
A: What are you talking about?
C: I'm talking about your real name, "Antony".
A: Quit it with the quotation marks. I'm Antony.
C: Sure you are, Fraggle Rock.
A: What?
C: I've seen 'em. I know Antony is just a pseudonym. An alias, a nom de plume, if you will.
A: What the freakin' hell are you talking about, Cle?
C: Your birthname, child. Fraggle Rock. Don't tell me you don't know that?

A: Huh?

AHFLV: People. Can we get back to the subject at hand? White Noise. Abstract moving images. Intermedia. The launch tonight.
C: Yeah. Sure. Long as you're paying me.

AHFLV: ....
A: I enjoyed the fact that most of the exhibition is in utmost darkness. Nothing vitalises me like the imminent threat of walking into a wall/glass siding.
C: I concur.

AHFLV: I, too, concur.
A: The works selected are certainly abstract, but we've surely reached a point where such modes of expression have become archaic, a throwback to pre 9/11 ennui.
C: Speak for yourself. I like an artwork that doesn't get caught up in the fashionable topics of the day.
A: Yes, but don't you see these works as meaningless simulacra? The media which becomes the message? Pop eating itself?
C: Sure! You got a problem with that?
Don Delillo: Squeeze me, but I'm just gonna have to weigh in on this bantam weight prize fight, kids.
C: Aw Don, give it a rest.
D: No, I think I have a right. White Noise and all.
C: No, Don, you ain't got no right. Antony?
A: Huh?
D: I'm just saying -
D: ....

AHFLV: Ooooookay, so that's that, and I'm glad we managed to nab the input of Don Delillo, considering the, you know, title of the show and-
C: And will you quit it with the pensive expression?!? Stop touching your face!!!

D: ....

AHFLV: I'm going to bed.


Clem said...

Oh, whoops, I think I was meant to go to this. Don't tell anyone I'm a useless arts maven...

Born Dancin' said...

I'll give you the cheat sheet.

Actually it was packed but I didn't see a single media-type person there. I don't know why. And the speeches were, well, white noise themselves since they couldn't be heard over the chatter.

Nice use of 'maven', too.

Clem said...

I wish they wouldn't throw these gigs during the day; don't they realise some of us are at our desks?!

But all your talk about opening/launch food has me thinking of the MIFF nosh... mmm... mini fish'n'chips...


Born Dancin' said...

The entire point of this blog was originally to review the catering at after-parties/functions/whatever. Except once I started the events dropped off for a bit. But they'll be back. Oh yes, they will.

Best post-opening food is always at Dancehouse in Princes St, North Carlton. Just a tip for ya.

Clem said...

Oh really! That's, like, two seconds from my hood - perhaps I should stop buying food and start RSVPing for more of their events...

Born Dancin' said...

Nothing on there for a while. Second best bets are any kind of ballet; openings up at the Store Room (usually they go over to the Pinnacle - mmmm); fortyfivedownstairs; the Malthouse usually has pretty good stuff...but MIFF was pretty spesh.

Clem said...

Bell Shakespeare put on the good stuff for Wars, too (but I'm required to say that as my sister is in the company).

Are you "doing" La Boheme next week?

Born Dancin' said...

Hell yeah.

Although I'm going to mix up the night by going to the Suicide Girls DVD launch afterwards. It might be over by then, though.

Actually the last Aust. Ballet opening either didn't have an afterparty or I wasn't invited.


Clem said...

I wanted to DJ at that. Cunxors. Perhaps I'll compensate by wearing something Suicide/burlesque-appropriate to the ballet. Dare me?

Born Dancin' said...

Consider yourself dared. And I'll wear my "Life. Be In It" T-shirt to the Suicide launch.

Clem said...

You're double dared.

Wear a headband, too. McEnroe stylee.